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File Validation Utilities: for Collecting Branches (Ver 1.4.8) w.e.f. April 15,2009 and for Link Cell (Ver 1.4.8) w.e.f. April 15,2009 are available for download.

    As per the guidelines issued by the Office of CCA, it is required to comply to the use of SHA-2 Hash Algorithm and 2048 bit RSA keys for digital signing. In view of the same, the following pre-requisites need to be followed:
  • JRE version : SUN-java 1.6_update29 or higher version (32 bit)

  • Client Operating system : Windows XP SP3, Vista Windows 7, Windows 2003 with patch for SHA-2

  • I.E browser version supported : 7,8 and 9

  • Safenet or E-token drivers used should be the latest (if applicable)